About us

British owned, Bangalore registered, India wide, Talent Makers make talent.

We have been doing business in India since 2002, bringing international best practices to both large and small companies across all sectors.¬†Based on the experience of our founder Valerie Gray, we consolidated 10 years of experience¬†as ‘bbm group’ into ‘Talent Makers’ in 2011.

Our Passion

We are specialists in Talent Assessment and Development. We are passionate about enabling businesses to use evidence based methods to objectively assess existing and potential employees, talent and performance.

Our Values

Transparency. Commitment. Respect.

Our Team



We are blessed with a team of highly experienced, extremely professional consultant facilitators with many years of experience. Our Behavioral assessors are all trained to at least Level 1 EFPA and Level 3 Behavioral Assessor. Located in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, they provide a dedicated service focused on our values of transparency, commitment and respect.

Making it happen

We are supported by a small capable office based team who manage point of contact, logistics, finance, legal and assessment administration