Making Talent

Common problems….

  • Lack of strategic clarity creates unwelcome attrition
  • Poor selection and promotion decisions drag down productivity rates
  • Undefined Behaviors result in a ‘black hole’ at the core of the business: accountability is unmanageable

Unwelcome attrition?

Low productivity?

No accountability?

Is there a black hole at the core of your business?


Talent Makers creates strategic clarity as a foundation for growth using our three steps to success:


Talent Makers

showing you the way to better Talent Efficiency

How do we do it?

After defining your vision and values, we will define the Behaviors that both drive, and inhibit, your vision. definitins-pyramid

Unlike a Competency Map, Behaviors should be:

  • Just one page
  • Maximum 5 Behavior Categories
  • Including positive impact indicators and negative impact indicators
  • Written in ‘simple-English’
  • Observable
  • No ambiguity
  • No duplicity

This makes your Vision and Values actionable.

Imagine if the diagram below could represent the core of your business,

instead of a ‘black hole’…….bf-bubbles

Attrition, Productivity and Accountability can all be addressed through the creation of strategic clarity, using Talent Makers expertise and three stage model:


Our Expertise

Assessment Centres Design and Delivery Leadership Definition
Assessment Data Analytics Leadership Development
Assessor Training Leadership Identification
Behavior Change Consulting Leadership Styles Analysis
Behavior Definition Creation Manager Capabiliy Building
Behavior Measurement Training and Delivery On-Line Assessment Design, Training and Delivery
Behavioral Interviewing Design, Training and Delivery Performance Management
Behavioral Training Personality Assessment
Change Management Facilitation Psychometrics Tools, Training and Consulting
Competency Assessment Role Definition
Competency Definiton Role Profiling
Custom Simulations Design, Training and Delivery Selection Support
Development Centres Design and Delivery Vision/Mission/Values Creation

If you are a key decision maker and want to know how objective, fact based assessment can deliver higher returns and better results, contact us for a chat. We are happy to show you the way to better Talent Efficiency.