Impact Change at Godfrey Phillips India Ltd – January 2017


GPI DC Participants, GPI Assessors and Talent Makers Assessors team during the DC XIV, January 10th-13th 2017 at Golden Huts, Delhi

“One more wonderful DC delivered! A real team effort. Here’s what our client says: “Through their disciplined and rigorous approach to AC and DC Design, Training and Implementation, Talent Makers have helped us grow as assessors, developers and managers. I personally would not hesitate to recommend Talent Makers to any organization for any AC or DC related assignments and wish them all the success for the future.” Rajesh Mehrotra, Executive Vice President (HR) at Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.

Behavior Change at Sterlite Grid


One of the many workshop groups at Sterlite Grid, presenting their visionary ideas

“We have been engaged with Valerie and team at Talent Makers for over 12 months, for a specific intervention around behavior change. I found that compared with most other consulting organisations, Val’s team had an incredibly strong execution orientation. They not only designed the program well, but created and managed an implementation plan that was second to none. I would strongly recommend them for a change management initiative or a leadership intervention at any organisation.” Pratik Agarwal, CEO, Sterlite Power

Developing excellence in assessment skills for Larsen and Toubro


Valerie Gray with Senior Developers and guests at the 3rd Annual Developers meet, Larsen and Toubro, 2016

“We had invited Valerie Gray as part of an expert panel in this year’s Developers Meet. The insights she provided on the ORCE techniques & her experience sharing of Integration-less Development Centre have helped us strengthen our internal systems. I look at Val as a friend, professional guide & my go-to person whenever I have some doubts on the subject of Assessment Centres”. Kasi Viswanath, Head-Leadership Talent Assessment, Larsen & Toubro

Building the People Value Chain at Indofil Chemicals


(Talent Makers were previously known as “bbm group”)

“To support Indofil in its vision for accelerated growth, we at Indofil engaged bbm group, headed by Valerie Gray, in August 2008,  on a strategic project titled “Building the People Value Chain” (BPVC) and since then it proved to be a long fruitful association.

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) came out of the capability building process in Indofil  &  has had a high impact in building leaders across departments, locations, genders and levels.  We had an exciting journey of transformation, which brought every Indofilian together with self-development, knowledge sharing, team building and most importantly creating an open inspiring culture.  The positivity and great impact of the programme were highly infectious and the Leaders were ready for much more. I highly endorse them (Talent Makers) to build leadership within the enterprises continuously.” Rajinder Kumar Malhotra, Group Chief Executive Officer, K K Modi Group


ptc-in-delhi-aug13-1“My first experience of working with Val was as a senior manager in Corporate HRD at Wipro Limited when we got certified by her  for conducting assessment and development centres. The impact was so high that when I became an independent consultant in 2013 the first organization I reached out to was hers.

The purposes of reaching out were a) what more could I learn and b) how could I be of help in her great work.

The first one got fulfilled through another program PTC (Psytech Testing Certification). It was a certification on usage and understanding of psychometrics as a tool of development. Once more I was privy to the dedication and knowledge of all the facilitators in the program. The learning was enormous and I have been able to apply them at my work.

The team at Talent Makers emanates dedication and knowledge. Under Val’s leadership their follow- through during the entire journey is commendable. Few points that I have touched upon are knowledge, dedication, experience and follow through during the journey.”  Birjendu Gupta, Regional Director Center for Creative Leadership

Networking for Networth – a workshop for PMI India MD and Senior Team members


Valerie Gray and Pooja Munshi with Senior Team members of PMI India in 2013

“As a not for profit association I felt the staff in PMI India needed to acquire skills in networking and consequently engaged Val and her team for a ‘Networking with Networth’ program. Needless to say the training was structured and delivered with high effectiveness. The tips & techniques provided along with practice session helped all of us understand the nuances of fine networking. The team and myself are much more confident networkers post the training. I really appreciate the detailed planning and effort Val and her team put in to the program. Thank you Val”. Raj Kalady, Managing Director, PMI India

Introducing Assessment Centre Technology to Nepal Public Services Commission- part of ‘PREPARE’, UNDP funded reform project


Valerie Gray and Pooja Munshi with UNDP, Nepal Government and Public Service Commission representatives during the training-cum-workshop from 20-26th Feb 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal

“As Chief Psychologist for Nepal Public Services Commission, Kathmandu, my role is to research and advise on new advances in valid and reliable selection methodologies for Civil Service Selection (Govt.Service of Nepal). We had selected Talent Makers, led by Val Gray and Pooja Munshi, to help us develop our personnel selection techniques. They had conducted a 5 day program in Kathmandu, where we learned about ACSM (Assessment Centre Selection Methodology) and this helped us facilitate the commission to decide on appropriate new tools and methods. The work they have done has guided me on how to modify our selection system. The quality of training, course and practices were very much useful for us and I am following these learnings nowadays.” Dr.Khagendra Prasad Subedi, Chief Psychologist, (Joint Secretary), PSC, Kathmandu,Nepal

Some of the feedback from Participants (post-training):

  1. “It was very good for my job responsibility and to my ministry too. Furthermore, it will be needed for other policy members”
  2. “To make us expert on ACSM*, this type of training is needed in near future.”
  3. “Everything is excellent”
  4. “Excellent Training by Talent Makers. Kudos to Val and Pooja.”

*Assessment Centre Selection Methodology

Assessment solutions support for the “RACE” program – a developmental program for Floor Managers – Bestseller


Talent Makers conducted assessments as part of the “RACE” Program for the Role of Floor Managers/Cluster Leaders for Bestseller employees in India

“We got in touch with Talent Makers while we were in the process of setting up our first Growth program for Floor Managers.  Valerie’s sense of understanding requirements and recommending a relevant solution are absolute top notch, so was the support given to us by their team.

Their smart and simplistic approach is a key differentiator and something that makes working with them a great experience, always.” Ruchi Karwar, Sr. Manager – Talent Management, Bestseller India

Change in the Behavioural Framework and building the internal capability for Godfrey Phillips India Ltd


Valerie Gray with Development Centre (DC) team during the Behavioural Framework and People Development program at Godfrey Phillips India Ltd., Delhi

“Talent Makers” has been partnering with Godfrey Phillips for over 10 years now. They have been instrumental in bringing about a visible change in the Behavioural framework of the organization. Additionally, they have also significantly contributed to developing the internal capability in the area of “people development facilitators”. They continue to help us in various behavior related initiatives and give me the confidence of being an extremely dedicated and motivated team to work with. I personally would not hesitate to recommend Talent Makers to any organization for any human behavior or Leadership Development related assignments and wish them all the success for the future.” Rajesh Mehrotra, Executive Vice President (HR) at Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.

Project Management National Conference 2015 – A BIG THANKS


Valerie Gray with Murali Santhanam, President, PMI Bangalore India Chapter at the Project Management National Conference, 2015

“On behalf of PMI Bangalore Chapter Board and on behalf of PMI India, I would like to thank you for setting aside your valuable time to share your thoughts and wisdom with the delegates of Project Management National Conference 2015. The conference was well received by the delegates thanks to the interest generated by your contribution. I hope you liked our engagement and arrangements. We would be delighted to hear from you on the Conference. Thanks once again and looking forward to a sustained association.” – Murali Santhanam, President, PMI Bangalore India Chapter.

Summarisation of Sterlite Power Grid experience of working with Talent Makers on the Parivartan Project


Mohit Saxena, HR Head -Grid Business, Sterlite Power Grid Ventures Limited, during a Behavioural Framework workshop – Parivarthan Project

  • Your opinion of our ability to create organisational behavior change

Val and her Team at Talent Makers have shown a very high level of Professional and Project Management based approach in handling the subject of Behavioural Change within the organisation involving every individual right from the leadership team to manager and employees across all the functions seamlessly.

  • Your experience of our project management abilities

Talent Makers have a very meticulous approach to detail things and bring precision into their implementation plans to ensure 100% output from the desired activities.

  • Your experience of our quality control

Ensuring proper Quality Checks for a given initiative help reinforce the process. Talent Makers has ensured to provide in-depth quality checks both wrt to the penetration of the program and wrt to the understanding of the framework by providing support to conduct feedback sessions and wok on the process wherever gaps were found.

  • Your experience of our delivery expertise in: Consulting, Training, or Coaching

Talent Makers and their team was fully competent and capable in delivering the Programs by effectively engaging the Participants in absorbing the concept and implementing it in their work areas.

  • You experience of our relationship management

Talent Makers have been very professional in their approach and Committed to their delivery schedules. they have maintained a Proactive approach in meeting our requirements and were very knowledge in the area of expertise we have engaged them for.

  • Your experience of our breadth of ability across the team

Talent Makers have a Wide exposure to various aspects of the HR Domain Right from Recruitment and Selection to Organisation change and creating the Right Framework for a HR function to Work Efficiently. They have got a team of Excellent Trainers, Assessors, and SME’s on HR Practices who could help all on areas of People Capability Development.

  • The overall business benefit – in estimated Rs value if possible

Any such Intervention on behavioral change requires 12-18 months. However, we have been able to see the immediate results in terms of Individual Accountability and team alignment resulting in accomplishment of some of our key Projects before time. All this was possible because of the dedicated efforts put by Val and team in ensuring to create a Culture of Transference, Open Communication, Red is Good, Performance First, and Commitment to success.

  • Whether you would recommend our services to other clients looking to achieve behavior change.

We definitely appreciate the contribution made by Val in aligning the entire organisation towards a common framework which is aimed at improving individual and Organisational performance. We would definitely recommend Talent Makers to other clients. they definitely create a long lasting impression on the organisation through their professional and committed approach.