Strategic Talent Acquisition for non-HR CEOs

CEOs Mapping the Recruitment ProcessCEOs Mapping the Recruitment Process: “Strategic Talent Acquisition for CEOs”… a workshop held by Talent Makers on 27th June, Mumbai. “Now I realise my role is not interviewing potential CXOs or Business Heads as an isolated activity; rather, I need to set the processes in place and ensure compliance and consistency.” More and more Company owners are finding Strategic TA decision making on their agenda but don’t have the HR best practice knowledge to guide their companies. This workshop fills the knowledge and skills gaps at a Strategic Level, so that CEOs know what questions to ask their Business Heads and HR leaders. For instance, understanding that interviewing is only one activity amongst thirty steps in the recruitment process…. so do you have all the other 29 in place? It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ your interviewing skills are, if interviewing is not aligned with the rest of your process it is probably adding little value……

Consider the 4 Immutable Laws of Selection:

  1. Isolated activities are a waste of time – Recruitment/Selection is a Process
  2. There are no ‘magic beans’- Performance prediction is imperfect and at best a hypothesis
  3. Junk in, Junk out: Good quality Decisions need to be based on good quality data
  4. If you measure generic competencies you will get generic people. Measure what you want to getnot generic parameters. Any tool needs to be matched to  YOUR company, YOUR competencies, for YOUR roles.

If all CEOs can grab these concepts, huge strides can be made in the quality of senior level recruitment decisions across businesses – a boon for employers as well as candidates!

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