Building the People Value Chain at Indofil Chemicals

During 2009-2011, Talent Makers (at the time operating under our earlier name ‘bbmgroup’), conducted an organisational development project entitled ‘Building the people Value Chain’. The objective was to create clarity and excitement around internal leadership growth, so that Managers saw themselves as leaders, providing an internal leadership pipeline for the company.

bpvc-cover-1Starting with  Behavior Map and Leadership definition as a foundation, we created leadership indicators (drivers). A 6-module program was then delivered to 182 Managers in 7 batches, over 7 months. The module design used ‘Action Learning’ methodology – assignments to be created and delivered in between each module. Participants from all levels were mandated to initiate relevant leadership projects, providing, in many cases, access to individuals, levels and departments not otherwise not available to them. The project ignited an enthusiasm for leadership and was extremely successful.

The Behavior Map and Leadership Indicators were also used for multiple assessment centres for external selection.

The MD used the Behavior Framework to support and strengthen the employer brand perception when leading discussions with international joint venture partners.

Our thanks go to our wonderful team of consultant facilitators for their dedication and creativity, and to Indofil employees for their trust and enthusiasm.

A visual synopsis is captured here

Comment from Mr Raj Malhotra, who was MD at the time:

“To support Indofil in its vision for accelerated growth, we at Indofil engaged bbm group, headed by Valerie Gray in August 2008,  on a strategic project titled “Building the People Value Chain” (BPVC) and since then it proved to be a long fruitful association.

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) came out of the capability building process in Indofil  &  has had a high impact in building leaders across departments, locations, genders and levels.  We had an exciting journey of transformation, which brought every Indofilian together with self-development, knowledge sharing, team building and most importantly creating an open inspiring culture.  The positivity and great impact of the programme were highly infectious and the Leaders were ready for much more.

I highly endorse them to build leadership within the enterprises continuously.”

Rajinder Kumar Malhotra, Group Chief Executive Officer, K K Modi Group

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